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We provide free inspections and estimates with photos and documentation to determine each location's specific issues and to determine the frequency of cleanings that will be required to properly maintain your systems. We realize that in many situations we need to be your eyes and ears on your roofs to spot potential issues and address them before they become problems.

hood cleaning service reports
Service reports and database

Filter Replacement We also provide filter replacement services. Your system’s filters are the first line of defense against grease that would otherwise travel up through your ducts and into your roof fan. Because we steam clean so many filters, we are able to determine which filters need replacing. We have the resources to provide you with pricing for the types that fit your system’s needs and can supply and install them for you.

hood filters cleaned or replaced

We maintain a STRICT schedule. This ensures that no location will ever get behind and go too long without a cleaning. This guarantees both our company and yours that every location will be safe from a build up of grease. We take charge of notifying your locations of the cleaning due date so that our customers don’t have to keep track of it.

roof fan bowl grease containment systems installed

Systems Maintenance

We at Great Lakes Power Wash know that our customers need to focus on running their company. That’s why we consider it our responsibility to analyze your kitchen exhaust systems for problems, and then offer solutions.



















Grease Containment Systems
One common problem is grease leaking from the roof fan onto the roof. This can cause expensive damage to your building’s roof. We supply and install grease containment systems that set up off of the roof and collect the grease while keeping it elevated up off of the roof.















Fan Bowl Hinges
Another common problem is roof fan bowls getting dented and damaged during the cleaning process from being set on the roof. We supply and install hinges that hinge the fan bowl to the base curb making it easier to clean while protecting your fan.

roof fans hinges installed

We specialize in kitchen exhaust system cleaning, employing a combination of powerful chemical agents and high-heat power washers. Our goal is to eliminate hazardous grease buildup from hoods, ducts, and roof fans. By maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, we ensure that your entire system—from kitchen to roof—remains consistently clean and safe. Our flexible scheduling accommodates your operational hours, minimizing any disruption to your kitchen activities.

After each cleaning we provide a service report detailing any deficiencies, and pre-existing damages and provide photo as verification. We pinpoint areas where access panels, grease containment systems, hinges and rooftop cleanings would be beneficial. Great Lakes Power Wash offers all of these services.

hood cleaning scheduling



we understand the necessity of keeping your property sanitary and presentable for your cumstomers. Our state of the art mobile power washers have the pressure and heat necessary to clean many types of surfaces. We are experienced at combining the right temperature, pressure and chemical to safely and effectively remove, grease, gum and stains from many types of surfaces. These include:

Roof tops
Concrete and blacktop walkways and parking lots
Dumpster areas
Building exteriors



Great Lakes Power Wash is a premium mobile power washing company proudly providing kitchen exhaust system cleaning services throughout the midwest.

Unsurpassed Experience and Knowledge
Great Lakes Power Wash has unsurpassed experience, specialty equipment and a unique knowledge of our customers needs in the service of kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

We are committed to providing superior cleaning services that not only prevent grease fires but enhance our customers business.

Our Philosophy Our Commitment to our Customers
Great Lakes Power Wash was founded on the principle of quality, reliability, safety and honest communication to our customers. Once a commitment is made to a client, we take every measure to assure 100% satisfaction to every client. We encourage continuous improvement through leadership and employee involvement to better our process. Every member of the Great Lakes Power Wash team understands that our mission is to take care of our customers’ needs so that they can concentrate on what is important to them - making their business succeed.

We believe that without the customer’s satisfaction, we have nothing.

Skilled, experienced, professional.


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